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Critical Locations
Current legislation
stipulates that glazing in all non-domestic premises that is deemed to be in a critical location should be made of a safety material. Typically this means to approximately waist height (of an average adult) in all windows and shoulder height in or adjacent to doors. Failure to comply may result in prosecution in the event of an accident, as well as the obvious likelihood of serious injury to the general public or your employees.

The option of reglazing all critical locations with laminated or toughened glass will prove to be a very expensive, as well as disruptive, operation.

Alternatively, the application of a fully tested safety film to the glazing will ensure compliance with the regulations as well as affording the following additional benefits: -

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Security should also be a major consideration concerning business or domestic properties, especially in high-risk locations. The application of window film to the inside of windows and doors holds broken glass fragments in place when shattered which will provide the following benefits, thus increasing the security of your property:-

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